Summer-time Declutter

Jenny/ July 19, 2018/ Family Life


I am constantly amazed at how much stuff I accumulate over a year.  It seems like I just cleaned out my closet a week ago (though in reality I know it wasn’t, lol) and when I cleaned it yesterday I had 2 big trashbags of clothes to give away.  And thus it goes for the rest of the house.  Why exactly do I save lids?…..


So, I’m gradually simplifying and decluttering again.  I don’t have the time to sew right now and probably won’t anytime in the near future (can we say, next 10 years?) so I’m gifting my material to someone who can use it.  It just makes me feel guilty everytime I look at it just sitting there taking up room.  


The same goes for my basket weaving supplies.  They are going under the house in totes.  I’ll pull them out again, when time is in more abundance.


I never understand why I save the things I do.  I save receipts (why?  I couldn’t find them if I needed them), cards (why?  they only signed them) and magazines (do I actually reread those?).  Anyway, my point is 90% of the stuff I save over a year gets pitched when I do a household purge.  So, why do I save it in the first place?  I really have no idea.


So, this week I’ve cleaned my closet, my dresser drawers, a few of my kitchen cabinets and 2 of my sewing totes plus got my basket weaving supplies boxed up for storage!  I consider that a success!


What about you?  Are you doing a declutter for the summer?

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