A Father's Blessing

Jenny/ June 16, 2018/ Family Life


I was tremendously blessed as a child to be born into my family.  I had an amazing Dad & Mom who loved me so much.  I had 3 brothers who tormented me and 2 sisters who tried to keep me out of trouble (without much success I might add).  But the one I want to focus on today is my Dad.


My Dad was 48 when they had me!  I’m sure a lot of dads would have found that completely horrible but from what I know of mine he was completely thrilled.  He would tell me the story of my birth many times as I grew up and he always said I was his little Indian papoose (because I looked like one at birth, lol).  He would tell me that the most beautiful sound he ever heard from me was my first loud cry and how angry I was at the nurse for scrubbing me with a little brush at my first bath.  


I absolutely loved hearing my Dad tell stories.  He was a very unique dad I imagine, though growing up I never really thought about it much.  He farmed from home so before I went to school I stayed every day with him and we had a wonderful time.  I helped him feed pigs and haul them off to market.  He bought me lots of junk food (7-up & ice creams and candy bars) at my grandparent’s store in Gipsy.  And every day after lunch we curled up in the big recliner while he read to me and then we took a nap.  I loved being with my Dad.


Later on, after I went to school, he would sometimes let me skip school to take the pigs to market with him and we always found the time to go out and eat.  That was our favorite treat 🙂  He used to laugh about going into a store with me.  He said I would never ask for a thing…Then he would go on to say “you knew I would get you anything that way, lol”.  


He was probably rather a pushover when it came to me (and all his children).  He simply adored us!  He was always so happy when we came over after we were grown and was never too busy for us.  He was an extremely generous man and if he found out we were needing or wanting something he would usually find a way to get it for us.


I miss him so much!  He’s been gone from this earth for 11 years now.  I regret that my children will never know him down here.  But I am so thankful that the most important thing about this wonderful man was his sincere love for Christ.  You couldn’t be around him for 5 minutes without hearing about the Lord and how much he had blessed him.  So, one day, we will have a grand reunion with him and my children will know him and get to enjoy an eternity with him and his marvelous Savior!


How about you?  Did you have a great Dad?  I realize some people don’t, but if you’re a dad who has never had an earthly example, why not look to the greatest example of a father?   God!  He can teach you what you need to know and it would also be great if you found a man you admire as a father and ask him for advice.  That way, one day, your children can tell how blessed they were to have you as their dad 🙂

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