An Update on Our Inconvenient Family

Tatiana/ June 2, 2018/ Family Life


I’m finding the summer is making it harder and harder to find time to write!  I thought I would have more time, not less ;(  So, its time for an update on our how our summer’s going.  I can hardly believe we’ve been “out of school” for a month already!  The boys are definitely enjoying the more relaxed pace though we’ve been doing lots of fun projects and playing outside when the heat allows.


And man has it been hot!  I guess because I’m expecting it seems even hotter and I simply can’t take it.  So, if I’m going to go outside it has to be earlier morning or evening and in the shade otherwise I get very faint feeling.  Ugg!  Its even been too hot for the boys in the middle of the day.  I really wish we had a creek right beside us that they could just play in all day.  We are contemplating a swimming pool.  It kind of scares me with little ones but I know there are precautionary measures you can take to prevent them getting in without you knowing it.


The boys did a Viking Unit Study and enjoyed it so much.  The colored Viking ships, made little Viking men and learned all about their lifestyle.  We are planning a Viking feast soon also.  


We had been doing lots of crafts which makes for fun messy days.  However, I honestly have not felt like doing much in the last 2 weeks.  Its been all I can do to simply maintain the house and keep the kids fed.  Morning sickness, combined with a dog attack & bites have kicked my tail.  I’m trying to come to grips with the fact that some mornings I can’t even drag myself off of the couch until 9.  


The other day I did manage to play Yatzee with Jake & Gabe and that is a wonderful game for improving math skills!  We also printed out a series of math games I had purchased through Build Your Bundle and the boys enjoyed those.  It was a great way to practice addition and subtraction.


We’ve also been spending time with cousins and Daddy has been taking the boys fishing.  On Memorial weekend Jake got to go on a 12 hour float on the river.  He had so much fun and caught a 17″ smallmouth bass!  He was one exhausted boy because he walked and swam the majority of the trip.


I’m hoping that this morning sickness goes away soon so I can enjoy the rest of the summer.  Right now, I kind of feel like I’m treading water, but the Lord is faithful and I know this new baby will be a blessing and erase the memories of misery, lol.


How is your summer going?  Are you relaxing or trying to fit something into every spare minute like I usually do?  Take some time to soak in the water, read a good book and enjoy your babies 🙂  Happy June!



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