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Jenny/ April 23, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

  How are you with math?  I absolutely love “simple” math like addition, subtraction ect… and my son Jakob has inherited that obviously so I was super thrilled to get to review A+ Interactive Math (by A+TutorSoft Inc.).  This is an online program that has two different options on enrollment, Adaptive Math Curriculum Online and the Family Math Package (this is the one we chose).


The Family Math Package we chose came with the ability to use all levels of math from beginners to Algebra 1.  I put Jakob (7) in the first grade math and myself in pre-algebra (since I never actually learned any higher math in public school 🙁 ).  I thought this would be an opportunity for Jake to see me learning something new while he was also.


So, onto the actual structure of the lessons.  After you register for your choice of packages you will be able to set up your students (including yourself) and launch your program.  Its quite simple.  You choose the level you want to start with and can switch between levels as you want.  First you will watch a short video explaining the concepts along with examples.  Then you will take an online interactive quiz.  After each question you click a frog & are told if your answer is correct or incorrect.  If its incorrect you can watch an explanation of why its wrong and then go back to your question and correct it.  If its correct you go to the next question.  On average there are about 6-10 questions per lesson.  They break them down into very manageable units so its not overwhelming at all.  Jake enjoyed it so much he asked to do multiple lessons per day.

 Just a few views of the lessons!



His first grade math ranged from counting (with counting to 20, to 100 ect), then addition using a math table, using a number line to complete questions of one less or one more and finding the missing numbers.  It goes onto 2 digit addition and ends with fractions.  My pre-algebra taught me about linear equations, x & y values and much more.  I plan on finishing it and then going on to algebra so I’ll at least have a grasp of it and can explain it better when the time comes for the kids to study it.  I also plan on having Jake continue to take 2-3 lessons from this per week along with his Charlotte Mason style math program.  This will be a wonderful extra supplement!  However, you could easily use this as a full curriculum if you prefer solely using a computer for lessons!  They also have ebooks and printed books, workbooks ect.. that you can purchase.


Just a note on the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online package, it requires your students to take a placement test before beginning the program and places them where their testing shows they fit.  This could be particularly helpful if you feel your student is behind (or ahead) but aren’t exactly sure where to put them!


I’m definitely pleased with this program & highly recommend it!  Don’t forget to read the other reviews below!



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