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Jenny/ March 20, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews


 My kids love to make projects!  And they especially love beads!  So they were super excited to get a Mega Pack of Super Beads from Zirrly for me to review.  Who knew having a Mom with a blog could be so much fun?


Our beads arrived (all 4,500 of them!) along with 20 different templates (there were several of each kind), 2 mini-spray bottles, 4 plastic boards, 1 design tool and a set of instructions.  The kids were excited!  I was slightly intimidated at the thought of 4,500 tiny beads, lol.  But we set right to work (or play).


First I read the instructions (very important thing to do!).  Then I set forth to conquer beadwork!  


A little background here…Remember when you were a kid and you made those designs with beads and then they ironed them?  This is something similar, only its supposed to be more user & kid friendly.  No more hot stuff, just a spray bottle of water.  


Now, we discovered right off the bat that the templates need taped into place or they move around.  Not a big deal.  I’m doing the projects with a 7 year old boy, 4 year old boy and a 1 year old girl on my lap.  Fun and a little exciting!  I poured quite a few beads in 2 separate bowls, set up the boys’ templates and we went to work.


I realized very rapidly that it takes sharp eyes to do this!  There is a little ridge on each bead and that has to be pointed up.  Now, I wear reading glasses so you can probably guess that I had to hold each bead up close to my eyes to see the ridge.  The boys didn’t have this issue.  Their eyes are so much better than mine!


It was a little tedious for the 4 year old but the 7 year old loved it!  The 1 year old just wanted to eat the beads, lol.  The first thing we made was an apple for Grama.  However, Jake (7) was determined to send it home with her and it wasn’t dry so we packed it in a Ziploc bag and sent it with her.  I neglected to tell my Mom to open it and let it dry.  Three days later we visited her.  As you might guess it was still wet, very wet!  So, a lesson learned:  let it dry completely!


We decided we were not beat and set out to try again and succeed this time!  No bead would get the best of us!  So Jakob wanted to make an elephant & Gabe wanted a turtle.  We sat down at the kitchen table and with the bright sunlight streaming in this time it was easier to see the ridge on the top.  It actually went rather quickly this time and the boys had so much fun!  We then sprayed them with water and set them in the windowsill to dry.  One thing I did note was it took ours longer than the recommended 1 hour to dry (maybe it was the humidity but ours took about 3 hours to dry completely).  I took them off with the provided tool and voila the boys had their bead animals!  They were super tickled with them!

 Here’s our turtle (Franklin, lol) still on the board)


 Here’s our finished elephant!  Isn’t it cute!


Honestly, they turned out really cute and I was pleased with them.  Though I do believe they should probably be used as decoration not toys because I’m not sure they would stand up to the play.  I hope you’ll scoot on over and check them out, especially if you do crafts for your church, Bible school or your kids love them!


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