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Jenny/ February 10, 2018/ Family Life

So what exactly does a day in our homeschool look like?  Well every day is somewhat different, because we try to be flexible, but we do have a basic schedule.  My goal is to have all “academics” done before naps at noon, so we start relatively early in the day (8:00 am usually). 


My boys are early risers and are almost always up by 6:00 am.  And then they are HUNGRY!  So, they eat for the next 2 hours, lol.  As Daddy is getting ready for work, he snuggles with them and then I usually put on something like Buddy Davis “Amazing Adventures” or “Donkey Ollie” to occupy them a little bit while Dad tries to get out the door. 


After Dad leaves around 6:30 Jake might listen to an audio book or they might continue their movie.  Then they usually play for awhile while I catch up on reading my Bible, finances, email, ect…


At 8 I will read a chapter of the Bible to them (or a partial chapter depending on how many questions I get asked 🙂 ).  Then its time for our Science which is Dinosaur Days right now & a project.  After that I let Jake choose between reading or Math.  We are doing a super neat Math/Art series right now from NatureGlo’s eScience which includes Math, Science, History & Art!  We just finished his phonics series so its on to bigger things now!  I’m going to start him on the Frog & Toad books next week.  He listens to history on audio-books most days but we also read aloud from American History for Children, The Children’s Book of Virtues & other historical books.  He loves History!


After that its time for them to play.  On most days they go outside to play on the swings, treehouse or with the puppy dogs.  If its pretty we usually go for a nature walk through the woods.  Jake often carries a backpack to collect treasures he finds. 


If its nasty we do painting, color with magic markers or practice our Cursive Logic he is taking this year.  (We do that anyway on alternate days.)  He also is taking an online keyboarding class from Ultrakey Online which he is enjoying except when his little brother tries to help him type!


At 11 its time for lunch and play for a few more minutes or read a book together.  Then at noon its naptime!  Woohoo, I love naptime!  We all climb into my bed, I tell a story and then we go to peaceful sleep (usually 😉 )


After naptime we catch up on housework and straighten everything up before Dad comes home & I make supper (often in the Instant Pot).  Then its family time, which often involves outside play time again or projects with Dad or long walks together as a family.  In the Spring-Fall we often sit outside and watch the kids play or take them to the creek for an afternoon swim.


At dark we go in, get cleaned up and usually watch a movie together with snacks.  Then its bedtime!  And for Daddy & me that is a very welcome time as we are most often very tired.  So that’s somewhat what our school days look like.  What are yours like?




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