Merry Christmas!

Jenny/ December 22, 2017/ Family Life


So its a few days before Christmas, but I won’t be blogging during Christmas 🙂  Tis the Season to be Jolly, right?  And stressed & tired & broke for a lot of people, right?  Can I get an Amen there!  Its almost Christmas and you realize you just spent way too much, planned way to many things to do and are getting way too little rest.  What’s a person to do?


STOP!  You don’t have to go to town one more time to get that extra gift so your kid will have 15 not 14 presents under the tree!  You don’t have to attend another get together; just go home, put on your jammies and drink a pot of tea while cuddling with your family 🙂  And for goodness sake, just go to bed when you’re tired. So what if the presents aren’t wrapped perfectly and you still don’t have the “perfect” present for someone. 

Really there is nothing you can buy for someone that will make Christmas perfect or peaceful or jolly.  Its an attitude of gratefulness and love and peace in your heart and Walmart doesn’t carry that!  Only Jesus does and he gives it freely and doesn’t even hide it until Christmas morning from you.


Think back to the first Christmas.  A poor little family giving birth in a lambing cave.  I’ve given birth at home and its amazing.  Frankly, though, I can’t imagine giving birth in a stable with animals, no fire, no midwife, no hot bath. But the Maker of the universe humbled himself to be born that way for us!  What LOVE!  What PEACE!  That’s a real reason to be Jolly, not because we got more things that we really didn’t need and the one who gave them couldn’t afford them.


So if you’re up to here with the season and your jolliness has all worn off; stop.  Look at the stars and find the one who the wise men and shepherds found so long ago!  Merry Christmas!!

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