Journey Through the Code #15

Jenny/ May 11, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Welcome to our Journal Entries on The Kingdom Code! We are now at Lesson #15 and this week is a business exam. It was our job to look at the business plan my son had made (with my help) and determine what was working, what wasn’t and what he should do differently. Kingdom Code Business Review So one thing my

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Saving for Education~Journal Entry #11

Jenny/ February 27, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Good Thursday morning! And welcome to our #11 in.Journey Through the Code series of The Kingdom Code. Guess what we’re working on in this lesson? Yep, you’re right, E is for Education! It is a HUGE decision that you will make on what career you will one day have. I wish I had been better prepared. Instead of blindly recommending

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Journey Through the Kingdom Code, Entry #10

Jenny/ February 25, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Woohoo! We are smokin’ through our Journey Through the Code now! And learning soooo much about running a business God’s Way from The Kingdom Code entrepreneurs program. Btw, in case you’re just joining us, we are homeschoolers but you could absolutely use this with your kids regardless­čśť Now, on to Lesson #10! We have been starting to focus on our

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Lifeschooling~Help for the Stressed Out Mom

Jenny/ January 22, 2020/ Family Life

Dear Mama, are you tired? Are you a worried, stressed out mom and so discouraged? Is this road you’re traveling on not looking at all what you thought it would? Take heart and keep reading! You aren’t alone. Here’s help for the stressed out mama! Disclaimer: I use affiliate links of products I personally use & love. Being tired is

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5 Thrifty Reasons to Homeschool

Jenny/ November 2, 2019/ Thrifty Homeschool Mama Tips & Tricks

I hear people saying All.The.Time. I can’t afford to homeschool. It’s so expensive! Now, we have 4 young children that we raise on one very modest income. We also successfully homeschool on that income. In my humble opinion kids aren’t expensive, it’s the things we think kids have to have that are so expensive and… drumroll please.. ???????????? government school!

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Why Celebrities Have No Impact on My Beliefs

Jenny/ August 23, 2019/ Family Life

┬á Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about certain celebrities within Christian circles renouncing their convictions that they once professed to hold dear. It causes a stir, no doubt, within both the church/homeschooling world and the non-Christian world. Some cast doubt on whether the once held beliefs have merit and others on the faith behind the people. I

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Check out our Learning Choices for our New Homeschool Year!

Jenny/ August 6, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews

Disclaimer: there are affiliate links of products I love and use!     If you see something in blue, it means I have a review on that!   So, we’ve officially started our new school year after doing an abbreviated schedule this summer. You may be wondering what curriculum we’ve chosen…   Here goes:   Bible/character building:. Proverbs People by

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