Kingdom Code Kids Entrepreneur Program Review

Jenny/ June 17, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews

   My son Jake really wants to work for himself when he is grown, so I was thrilled when we got to review a program called The Complete Starter Kit from The Kingdom Code. This is an entrepreneurship program designed especially for children that is based on the Bible. To my knowledge this is the only one like this I’ve ever heard of. 

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My life as a Gipsygirl

Jenny/ October 3, 2017/ Family Life

I’m from a tiny community known as Gipsy.  Its on the banks of small river where we loved to swim, fish and camp.  I moved a grand total of 15 miles when I got married to an equally tiny community.  Now, I have 3 young children, I homeschool and have a small home business.  Its called Gipsygirl’s Hair Accessories where

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