To the Friends of New Moms

Jenny/ June 11, 2018/ Family Life

    Dear Friends & Family of a new mom,   I know you are so excited and thrilled for the new mommy in your life!  You love little tiny babies and can hardly resist an urge to hold them, kiss them and touch their sweet little noses.  But before you go crazy over that precious new life, please consider

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Memoria Press & New American Cursive 1 Review

Jenny/ June 5, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

   I absolutely love Memoria Press so when I was given the opportunity to review their New American Cursive 1 from their New American Cursive series I was excited!     Now, honestly I wasn’t expecting anything too different but I was absolutely wrong.  Here are a few things that stand out to me about this program.  My son enjoyed

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An Update on Our Inconvenient Family

Tatiana/ June 2, 2018/ Family Life

  I’m finding the summer is making it harder and harder to find time to write!  I thought I would have more time, not less ;(  So, its time for an update on our how our summer’s going.  I can hardly believe we’ve been “out of school” for a month already!  The boys are definitely enjoying the more relaxed pace

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Healthy Living

Jenny/ May 28, 2018/ Family Life

  One area in life I am truly passionate about is healthy living!  I love all aspects of it, nutrition, holistic healing, preparing my own herbal remedies and researching ways to improve my health.   I believe a healthy child starts out with a healthy pregnancy which provides the basis for my children’s long term health.  I make sure and

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Home School Navigator Review

Jenny/ May 22, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

    One of the main goals educational wise for our children is to build strong readers.  So, I was very happy to get to review Home School Navigator and their Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum with our 2 boys (7 &4).  This is an online subscription that utilizes books, videos, worksheets, writing prompts and more.  It also has

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"Discipled by Jesus" Book Review

Jenny/ May 21, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

  The second book I got to review from Tyndale House Publishing was “Discipled by Jesus”.  I was really looking forward to this book as I love books about living the Christian lifestyle.  This was supposed to teach me how I can be discipled by Jesus even now in our modern times!   At first I was really enjoying the

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"T is For Tree" Review

Jenny/ May 21, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

 I love alphabet books!  You know the ones, A is for ….I have several and they’ve all been so much fun to read to the kids.  So, I was really excited to get to review “T is for Tree: A Bible ABC“from Reformed Free Publishing Association.   First of all, I loved the book!  It is hardback and fully illustrated

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The Road to Magnolia Glen Review

Jenny/ May 16, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

  If you know me at all, then you know I am an avid (addicted, ahem) reader.  I absolutely love it, its one of my very favorite things to do!  So, when I was chosen as a blogger reviewer for Tyndale House Publishing I was thrilled.  My husband and kids were slightly frightened that I might no longer feed them

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"PandaParents" Review

Jenny/ May 15, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

           When you have one doing “schoolwork” and another a few years younger its super helpful to have learning opportunities they can complete at the same time!  So, I was very happy to get to review PandaParents and their MESSYLEARNING FOR PRESCHOOLERS AND KINDERGARTNERS.  This is an online subscription that utilizes downloadable storybooks, videos and a workbook.

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The Joy of Motherhood

Jenny/ May 12, 2018/ Family Life

  Is motherhood joyful?   I’m puzzling over that question right now.  And its a rather complicated answer.  First of all, I have learned that it is not all fun, all snuggly or all pinterest worthy.  In fact, it can be rather messy, frustrating and downright annoying at times (especially when you’d just like to use the bathroom ALONE!)  

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