"No Longer Little" book review

Jenny/ July 23, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

   I have a son who will turn 8 in December so I was really excited to get to review a book by Great Waters Press called “No Longer Little: Parenting Tweens with Grace and Hope”.  This book is specifically geared towards parents of boys and girls ages 8-14 so it was perfect for me!  They also have another book

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Summer-time Declutter

Jenny/ July 19, 2018/ Family Life

  I am constantly amazed at how much stuff I accumulate over a year.  It seems like I just cleaned out my closet a week ago (though in reality I know it wasn’t, lol) and when I cleaned it yesterday I had 2 big trashbags of clothes to give away.  And thus it goes for the rest of the house. 

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"The Josefina Story Quilt" book e-guide review

Jenny/ July 17, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

  I love history and fictional books that are historically accurate are some of my favorite.  So, I was excited to find a young reader’s book called “The Josefina Story Quilt” and get to review  “The Josefina Story Quilt”e-guide for it from Progeny Press.   The book is adorable and perfect for 4-9 year olds as a read-a-loud or for

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Letting Go of Expectations

Jenny/ July 14, 2018/ Family Life

  When we had our first child I foolishly declared that nothing would change.  They were simply along for the ride and our lifestyle would stay exactly the same.  If we were going hunting together we’d simply hang baby in a custom made safety belt and he’d of course stay there quietly for the hunt.  Ummm.  That isn’t quite the

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"Dangerous Good" Book Review

Jenny/ July 11, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

  I love a good book and “Dangerous Good” by Kenny Luck sounded intriguing as it’s second part of the title says “The coming revolution of men who care.”  So, I was excited when I got a chance to review it through Tyndale House Publishing.   First off, it claims to want to wake a sleeping giant in our world,

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"Bible Study for All Ages" Review

Jenny/ July 10, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

 I was given the opportunity to review Bible Study Guide for All Ages with Jake & Gabe this summer.  This is a thorough study of the Bible that includes a workbook for each age group and wall maps and timelines.  We reviewed the Beginner (3-K) and the Intermediate (3rd-4th).    (This is the one Gabe worked on)  (This is the

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Summertime Party Recipes

Jenny/ June 30, 2018/ Family Life

  ​​SMLXL The 4th of July weekend is here for our family!  And it is hot outside 🙂  We are having a few get-togethers this weekend so here are a couple of our favorite (easy) recipes.  Hope you like them!   Stuffed Sweet Peppers: 1 bag of mini multi-colored peppers 1 container whipped cream cheese 1 cup shredded sharp cheddar

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A Broken Flower

Jenny/ June 22, 2018/ Family Life

  We have a 4 year old son….That’s really all I need to say about that, lol.  No, this boy is all boy and completely unpredictable and fairly volatile.  He is always changing my mind on what exactly little boys raised under pretty consistent circumstances and consequences are capable of.  Which brings me to my title….A broken flower…   You

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A Father's Blessing

Jenny/ June 16, 2018/ Family Life

  I was tremendously blessed as a child to be born into my family.  I had an amazing Dad & Mom who loved me so much.  I had 3 brothers who tormented me and 2 sisters who tried to keep me out of trouble (without much success I might add).  But the one I want to focus on today is

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ARTistic Pursuits "Art for Children" Review

Jenny/ June 12, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

   I really enjoy art so I was excited when I was given the priviledge of reviewing ARTistic Pursuits Inc. and their ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray series.  There are several courses to choose from but since I have all beginners we started with the “Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary”.   First off, I

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