Finding Time to Eat

Any parent of young children can probably identify with this.  Your kids take all your time, all day (sometimes all night) and you are left wondering, “did I actually eat a meal today?”  Sure, you might grab a handful of this or […]

Baby kisses

I love baby kisses!  In fact, I would be hard pressed to say that I ever could possibly get tired of them.  They are so amazingly sweet.  Lilly started kissing me out of the blue the other night.  It was so funny, […]

Where has my hair gone?

In my home business where I sell hair jewelry & accessories I often meet women who lament their thinning hair.  Young women, women in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond; it seems no one is immune.  So, I’m wondering, what is contributing to […]

Feeling like a failure?

How often do you feel like a failure?  If I was honest with myself, its most everyday.  When my kids aren’t behaving properly, I’ve failed.  When my house looks like WW3, I’ve failed.  When my business hasn’t grown like I feel it […]