Lisa Tanner Writing-Balancing Diapers & Deadlines-Review

Jenny/ November 1, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

  disclaimer:  this article contains affiliate links. I only recommend products I believe in 100%!  This doesn’t cost you anything extra but helps support my family & blog 🙂   I was given an opportunity to review an e-course by Lisa Tanner Writing called Balancing Diapers & Deadlines. Though I don’t officially have a “home business” I do blog regularly,

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Math-Whizz Review

Jenny/ October 30, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

   One of my absolute favorite things about blogging is that I get to review some really great products!  I get excited about this because it  gives you an opportunity to see these things in action before you spend your hard-earned money on them.  This month we were given the chance to review Math-Whizz by Whizz Education.  It is an

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"St. Bartholomew's Eve" Audio Drama from Heirloom Audio Review

Jenny/ October 16, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

   So, I’ve bragged over and over about Heirloom Audio and when I was given “St. Bartholomew’s Eve”, which is part of the extraordinary adventures of G.A. Henty, to review it certainly didn’t disappoint us!  Again, the sound quality is phenomenal and the story definitely jumps out and grabs you!  I received this series on a 2 cd set that

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Brinkman Adventures "Season 6: Underground Rising" Review

Jenny/ October 10, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

   Do you (or your kids) love audio adventures?  How about ones that teach history in a fun, engaging way?  We were given the chance to review Brinkman Adventures and their new series titled Season 6: Underground Rising and were totally enthralled with it!   I absolutely love history and these are about the underground group of people who helped

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"Lethal Target" a book review

Jenny/ October 1, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

  So, I have to say one of my favorite things about blogging is the ability to try new things and one of those is being a reviewer for Tyndale House Publishing.  And when I get the chance to review a good suspenseful Christian mystery, can we say this is right up my alley!  I was given the book “Lethal

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"The Captain Sun Adventures" Review

Jenny/ September 18, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

   Do your kids love superheroes and comic book adventures?  Well, let me introduce you to a superhero comic book series you won’t have to censor for any age!  Meet “The Captain Sun Adventures” and this review is on the book 1 “Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith”.   This is such an awesome

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"Picta Dicta" by Roman Roads Media Review

Jenny/ September 12, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

   Have you ever wanted to learn Latin or teach your kids Latin?  We were so thrilled to be able to try out a program called “Picta Dicta Natural World”by Roman Roads Media.  This is a super neat online program that uses pictures and definitions and stories to solidify the Latin words in your mind.   So, we were given

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