Britfield & The Return of the Prince

Jenny/ November 30, 2022/ Homeschool Reviews

Do you like a good intriguing, spellbinding series? If so then you’ll want to read Britfield & The Return of the Prince by C.R. Stewart. This is the 3rd book in a series of books that travels along with 2 young teenagers Tom and Sarah. Tom is the true heir to the throne in England though the people in power

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Math for the Master(y)

Jenny/ November 18, 2022/ Homeschool Reviews

In our homeschool we have 2 kids who enjoy their math on the computer and 1 who definitely doesn’t. So its been a search to find him some he learns from and enjoys. When I stumbled across Roots by the River and their Math for the Master(y) I was super excited to try it. It had no fluff and seemed

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Homeschool Math for the Whole Family

Jenny/ October 22, 2022/ Homeschool Reviews

So now I have 3 kids I homeschool. My 8 and 5 year olds are both doing CTCMath. My 11 year old prefers his math on paper and that’s fine too. We’re all different. But here’s a great homeschool math program to check out if 1. your child likes computer work 2. You have internet access 3. You have multiple

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Praise Hymn Bible Books

Jenny/ May 5, 2022/ Homeschool Reviews

Do you struggle to teach your younger kids about God’s Word? It can often be difficult to keep their attention and engage them. However, there is a great series of learning books for your children from Praise Hymn Inc. that takes your child through the Bible in a fun, but very in-depth way! The series is called Praise Hymn Bible

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G. A. Henty’s: The Cat of Bustabees-Audio Adventures

Jenny/ February 11, 2022/ Homeschool Reviews

Do you love a good story? My family sure does, especially my 11 year old son. So when we were blessed to get to review G. A. Henty’s “The Cat of Bustabees” Audio Adventures from Heirloom Audio I was very excited! I knew we were in for a great story. First off, some background here…Heirloom Audio produces fantastic audio adventures

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The Best Homesteaders are Good Researchers

Jenny/ February 4, 2022/ Grit blog posts

Research. You might not have thought much about that concept since your school days, or perhaps you’re the kind of person who loves to dig deeply into a ton of topics. Whatever your preferences, the fact remains that research is an excellent way to learn about things we don’t know a lot about. Continue reading on Grit…

What Shall We Do in This New Year?

Jenny/ December 29, 2021/ Family Life

It’s no secret that a huge percentage of people set New Year goal only to quit before the end of January. I’d love to know how many pieces of exercise equipment are purchased the first week of January and then gathering dust by February. Like it or not we are a nation of tried and failed individuals. We’re always trying

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Addition the Fun Way Addition Kit by City Creek Press

Jenny/ December 28, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

We were privileged to review City Creek Press earlier this school year and their Online Times Alive program. We were so impressed with how well this worked that they blessed us with Addition the Fun Way Student Addition Kit! Not only was I able to use this with my 4 and 8 year olds but my 10 year old benefited

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