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Jenny/ November 18, 2022/ Homeschool Reviews

In our homeschool we have 2 kids who enjoy their math on the computer and 1 who definitely doesn’t. So its been a search to find him some he learns from and enjoys. When I stumbled across Roots by the River and their Math for the Master(y) I was super excited to try it. It had no fluff and seemed like something that would fit my son. So did it?

Math for the Master(y)

First off I received the Multiplication unit and the Division unit. We’re just finishing the Multiplication so check back for the Division review😊. We got the digital download and printed off the book. Then I bound it with my comb binder I had bought back in the summer. Those are so awesome! Then I sat down with my son and walked him through each lesson step by step.

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Amazingly he actually loved this book! In fact he liked it so much we ended up working through multiple lessons each day! His brother and sister got involved and would read the question to him while he did it in his head then they wrote the answers down on the paper. In the end of it he has quite a good grasp on multiplication and is enjoying it.

So why is Math for the Master(y) a good math choice?

I personally think it’s fantastic for kids who could care less about animation or bright colors in their math. They just want to learn it and be done. There are plenty of practice problems and crazily enough my son actually liked those! I think it was because he “got it” and wasn’t struggling to understand the concepts. He likes answering outloud or writing answers on paper or dry erase boards.

Each lesson is thorough but not overwhelming. It only covers 1 concept at a time. I helped my son memorize counting by each number with songs. That worked extremely well for us.

In the first parts they learn multiplication by each number (1’s, 2’s ect…) and multiplying by 1 number. Then it advances to multiplying by 2 numbers such as 12×14. Then it goes to 3 numbers (345×423) and then up to 4 (5678×2345). Each step is fully explained. After practice problems there are lots of word problems (which for some reason my son loves).

I feel like this math is SOLID! It gives such a great foundation and is incredibly practical. It is from a Christian perspective (which I love) because the company is simply a homeschooling family who produces excellent products! Everything is very affordable and reusable. Hardcopy purchases can have the answers be written on a separate notebook while digital can be reprinted for each child. (I do recommend a laser printer and a comb binder. ) There are 92 lessons😊.

I will definitely be purchasing the remaining units for my son and am SO thankful to have found them!

disclaimer: I received the product for my fair and honest review. I was not required to make a positive review or compensated in any other way. All thoughts are my own and I only recommend products I love!

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