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Jenny/ February 24, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor compensated in any other way.

If I had one class in high school that I actually enjoyed it was Geography but I honestly had no idea how to teach homeschool geography to my younger kids (ages 9 & 6) so I was very excited to get to review an online program called “Let’s Go Geography“. We were given access to 2 years worth of geography lessons with their Let’s Go Geography, Year 2 and let me tell you these are SO MUCH FUN!

What’s this Geography course about?

First off, this is NOT your run of the mill geography lessons. It has absolutely loads of countries I certainly never studied and we are learning so much more in-depth things about them.

There are flags to color with each country, fun facts to learn, foods, crafts, songs and more. Of course you also learn population, square miles, capital, biggest city and language spoken.

What countries are we focusing on in our homeschool geography?

So far we’ve really been really focusing on countries in South America. We have already studied Argentina, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Brazil, Venezuela. There is SO much neat stuff to learn! We also studied the American West.

homeschool geography

We all love the videos supplied in the program. They are actually YouTube videos but you just click the links in the downloadable country files and it takes you directly to them. Though they are “safe” I still watch them with my kids. Honestly they are extremely interesting so you won’t mind this at all!

Why study homeschool geography?

Why would you want to study homeschool geography? Well, besides the obvious thing of expanding your horizons and learning new cultures, there is the fact that tons of these countries have super neat geographical features (like awesome mountain ranges and rivers) that you might like to visit. I know as we are learning about South America our whole family has said we would like to go there when the kids are older!

Its also great for expanding our ideas on what is normal. What I mean is there are things in other cultures that are so removed from ours (but aren’t morally right or wrong, just different). For example in one country we studied they actually take sawdust and dye it different colors and make carpets on the streets in elaborate designs for Easter! How cool is that?

You also get to “experience” things you wouldn’t get to perhaps in real life, like the open air market in Jamaica! That looked so amazing. Perhaps especially because its cold and dreary here we all wanted to go experience that, lol.

How does this program work?

Its super easy to use this homeschool geography program! All you have to do is pick the country you want to learn about and it gives you a document you can download or just use on your computer.

From there you can print whichever pages you want, maps, flags, landscapes ECT. The links for the videos are right in the document which is so convenient!

I highly recommend this program! Both my kids and I have really enjoyed it and learned SO much! I highly encourage you to check out Let’s Go Geography & don’t forget to read our other reviews from The Review Crew!

Geography for Kids - Year 2 {Let's Go Geography Reviews}
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