4 Things to Buy in Bulk from Sam's Club




disclaimer:  I use affiliate links which cost you nothing but pay me a small amount if you make a purchase through them!  I only recommend items I use & love!


So, I just recently got an awesome deal on a Sam’s Club membership because I’ve been hearing how much $$ you can save by shopping with them.  Now, I’ve done my research and we’ve made our first purchases there I’m here to give you the stats on what I saved and what was worth my membership cost. Because I don’t know about you, but my grocery bill is my highest bill and I’d really rather spend that elsewhere!


1.  Toilet Paper (ok, this isn’t grocery but household).  24 rolls/$5 regular shopping trip, Sam’s 45 mega rolls equivalent to 150 rolls/$25 shipped.  I saved around $5 for the same amount and saved myself the headache of hauling around large packages of toilet paper!  I figure it saves roughly $30/year.


2.  Maple Syrup.  We currently were buying 4- 16 ounce bottles from Walmart a month for $8/bottle for a total of $32/month.  Sam’s has 32 ounce bottles of Organic Maple Syrup for $10.50 so my total is $21/month (savings of $11/month or $132/year!)


3.  Cheese.  This one was costing us $4/pound from Aldi’s so when I found it at Sam’s for $3/pound I was excited!  I average about 12 pounds of cheese per month so I saved $12*12months=$144 savings!


So right now we’re up to $306 savings per year on just 3 items!  I definitely got back my $10 investment already 🙂


4.  Blueberries (the frozen ones).  My kids inhale frozen blueberries but at $2.70/pound they can get pricey.  So, when I found them at Sam’s Club in 4 pound bags for $8 I was HAPPY!  I buy 4 bags of the blueberries/month so that’s a savings of $11*12months=$132/year!


I’m sure there are way more things that I’ll be buying in bulk there, (this is my preliminary list) but just these 4 items alone will save me $438/year!  That’s seriously enough to buy Christmas presents for the year or pay 1/2 year of vehicle insurance.  WAY worth it for me!


Psst!  If you sign up for Sam’s Club Membership through my LINK you get a $20 e-gift card!


So, how about you?  Do you use Sam’s Club & make bulk purchases?  Comment & let me know how you save your money on groceries & household items!






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