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 Do your kids love superheroes and comic book adventures?  Well, let me introduce you to a superhero comic book series you won’t have to censor for any age!  Meet “The Captain Sun Adventures” and this review is on the book 1 “Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith”.


This is such an awesome book!  Let me say first off what I love about it.  Its full color (who doesn’t love that?).  The heroes are all dressed decently (maybe its just me, but it really irks me for the lady superheroes to be dressed SO immodestly in comic books).  The heroes are all praiseworthy (they aren’t somewhat questionable characters with a dark side).  The heroes help each other (they aren’t in competition).  And finally, the heroes point to Christ! (how cool is that!)


So, Jake absolutely fell in love with this book.  He has been really wanting something with superheroes and I’ve been leery of getting him them based on a lot of family friendly reviews.  This was really exciting to me that someone is coming out with a high quality comic book series that is part kids devotional, part comic book and all enjoyable. 



This book delves into a superhero who is rescuing others from a terrible darkness with his amazing light.  He’s helping the peace officers by helping to rid the city of crime and he’s giving the people hope where there was no hope before.  Sound like anyone you know?  Jake picked up on the similarities right away and thought that was so cool that it was  faith based comic book.


Captain Sun also enlists the help of several of his superhero friends and together they set out to rescue a city about to be overtaken by a wicked superhero.  In this book your kids will learn about standing strong together and the true darkness that threatens to overtake our world.


It has a section of comic strips, then a deeper discussion area along with some thought-provoking questions for the kids.  You could do this as a daily devotional but I warn you, if your kids are anything like mine its only going to last one day.  Of course, they’ll want it re-read for at least 2 weeks each day 😉  


It was definitely a hit in our house and my sons were begging for the next books in the series and wondering if there was a movie or game to go along with it.  


Right now, there are two other books in this series, “Captain Sun and the Army of Fear:  More Lessons on Heroes and Faith” and “Captain Sun and the Scourge of the Shadow Dragon”.


I honestly cannot recommend these books too much!  They are well written, well-illustrated and have a wonderful message.  I really don’t know why someone hasn’t done this before.  We need more family friendly, faith friendly resources that counteract the world’s message!


I hope you’ll check out “The Captain Sun Adventures” and while you’re at it read the other reviews at the link below!




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