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 When I was given the opportunity to review and a one year subscription to Help Teaching Pro I was somewhat skeptical.  At first glance I thought it was just a worksheet generating program and since we are a Charlotte Mason style homeschool I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit.

However, I was wrong!  Sometimes, its really great to be wrong, lol.


First of all, there was so much more to it than worksheets, though they had loads of those also!  For example when studying fractions with my 7 year old, I simply searched for fraction worksheets and printed one off for him to use.  But they also have videos to explain each concept in Math, English, Science, Social Studies and then a worksheet/worksheets to go along with the lesson.  One the boys particularly loved was the phonics video for short vowel sounds (it was a train and a song so the boys listened to that over and over).  It also had an online quiz totaling 5 questions with a computer generated score.  Super easy for the parent and student!


But the thing they were most fond of was the language arts lessons which had story read-a-louds!  There were so many of those!  Gabe’s (4) favorite was the stories of the 5 Little Ducks & The Gingerbread Man.  He listened to those over and over and would say “Oh no! That’s sad!” when no little ducks came back to their mommy.  

 Jakob (7) enjoyed the Frog Prince & The Three Billy Goats Gruff the most.  There is also an online quiz with each read-a-loud that tests your knowledge of the story.  It is also computer graded making it easy for Mom.


We also checked out the telling time lessons to get practice on telling a.m. from p.m.  Again there was a short video and examples and then a quiz. 

There are also text creators so you could do end of year/quarter/courses ect… testing.  You can choose to add your own questions or search through thousands of question options.  I did a test one for 8th grade readiness and was given an option of about 4,000 possible questions on every subject imaginable.  Then you can save the test, print and it also has an automatic answer key it generates!  How neat is that?  You can also choose from pre-made tests.  I will note that this site is common core aligned which is not my favorite, however its super simple to pick and choose so I don’t think that’s really a huge issue.


If you like adding games and word searches to your homeschooling this has a printable games & word search generator where you can specify the length of words (even the specific words used).  That looks like something I will definitely be using a lot!  

 Overall, this is a good helper to your homeschooling.  I wouldn’t consider it something that you use exclusively but some people would actually probably love that.  I hope you’ll check them out and see how they can benefit your homeschool (or even if you don’t homeschool but want a way to enhance your child’s learning!).


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